Original DreamBOOK 20180314

--------- 35 Trillion ----------

this video only for amazon ceo jeff bezos.

I have ideas, business know-how, vision.

Many people never know. Many people never know.

I can change your platform. business, future.

Acceleration, more easy, more impact, more lovely and hope.

we can change this world. we can change this world.

The important fact is, we haven't met yet!

I was crazy and reborn. Because, I saw the future.

I saw the soul light at my mother's funeral.2009.03.27

Innovative global business! Proof to Dream Platform

I've sent 30,000 emails in the past year. Let's harvest the seeds. 123 4?

i have topsecret vision. I can't tell you at this moment.

When we meet, Prove everything. i will show you everything. vision and future!

we make one vision unite network. okokok?

for earth future!





It is you who exists but cannot believe it!

It all started as a dream book, and it's proven!

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