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Q. How did you manage your business, if you've never studied how to do it?

A. Steve Jobs said the following, when answering this question:


“Why are you doing this?”

“Because I've been always doing this.”


Many people did not know why they were doing their jobs, and "Nobody was thinking deeply about the work they were doing."


What made Steve Jobs think like that?

He gives explanation using his own experience as an example.


“Why am I doing it this way?”

It's called 'storytelling'.


What was the secret of his innovation?

It was constantly asking 'Why?'


Why was I doing this job? I was just doing my job the way it was done before.


It was a far cry from innovation.

But Steve Jobs was different

He asked himself why he was doing his job and why he was doing it in that particular way.


Why is asking 'why' important for innovation?


Because one needs to observe and have an understanding of the subject.


One has to be curious, and asking “why” is how this curiosity shows itself!

If you ask many questions and work hard, you'll be able to manage your own business.


One needn't be a genius to learn it.


Learning business management on your own

The secret of Steve Jobs and the beginning of true innovation.


That is curiosity, which manifests itself through asking the question 'why?'.



Q. 경영 하는 법을 따로 배운적도 없는데, 어떻게 경영을 깨우치셨나요?

A. 스티브잡스는 이 질문에 이렇게 대답합니다.


"왜 그 일을 하는가?"

"원래 그렇게 하는 거야."


많은 사람들이 그 일을 왜 하는지 몰랐고,

"아무도 자신이 하고 있는 일에 대해 깊이 생각하지 않고 있었죠."


스티브 잡스는 왜 이런 생각을 하게 되었을까요?

그는 자신이 직접 겪은 일을 예로 들면서

이런 생각을 하게 된 이유를 설명합니다.


"왜 이렇게 하는거야?"

'구비설화' 라고 불러요.


그의 혁신의 비결은 무엇이었을까요?


끊임없이 질문하는 "왜?" 입니다!

자신이 하는 일을 "왜?" 하는지,

단지 기존에 해오던 방식대로 일하고 있었습니다.


혁신과는 먼 방식이었죠.


스티브 잡스는 달랐습니다.

그 일을 "왜?" 하는지

그리고 일을 "왜?" 그렇게 하는지



혁신에 있어서 "왜?" 중요할까요?

대상에 대한 관찰과 몰입이 있어야 합니다.

궁금중과 호기심을 가져야 하는데,

"왜?"라는 질문이 바로

궁금중과 호기심이 밖으로 드러나는 증거인 셈이죠!


"많은 질문을 던지고, 고민하고,"

"열심히 일할 각오만 되어있다면,"


"경영은 금방 깨우칩니다!"


"천재가 아니어도 배울 수 있습니다."


경영을 스스로 깨우친

스티브 잡스의 비결이자 진정한 혁신의 시작.


"왜?"라는 질문을 통해 드러나는

궁금증과 호기심이었습니다.



It is you who exists but cannot believe it!

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